A school in Tennessee suspends students who wear their jeans too low. Do you agree with this?

A high school located in Bolivar, Tennessee has come under fire after two high school students were sent to jail, for a dress code violation. They were told that they would have to spend 48 hours in jail and these two were among the four students who were involved. All of them were charged in November because of an indecent exposure incident; however the only crime that they committed was that they wore their pants too low. Sure, this may be a problem, but can you really expect them to serve jail time because of this?

William Hoyle, who is a resource officer has stated that he warned the students several times about their attire but they just didn’t listen. They carried on violating the dress code and the reason why he decided to issue this punishment was because he wanted them to set a good example for the younger students at the school. He said that the school environment is already somewhat bad, and that it is not going to get any better if the students don’t set an example for one another.

The school dress code does actually specify that pants must be worn up to the waistline, and that baggy legged, low slung or bell-bottomed jeans are not allowed. In the dress code, students are also asked to groom themselves in a neat and presentable manner so they do not interfere with the school’s operation or any educational policies.

It’s clear that the students were in violation but the school and the sheriff have yet to explain why the students have had to spend two days in the local jail. Why don’t you leave your comments in the box below, and let us know if you think that these kids should have spent two days in jail for wearing baggy jeans?

What do you think?