He Carried A Stray Poodle To His Car, Now Watch Her Matted Fur

This guy is a real lifesaver. He rescues a stray poodle and he carries her to his car. He wants to rescue her but she doesn’t know that, and her reaction is understandable when you take a look at the conditions that she has been kept in. She snaps at him and she tries to bite the rope, but that was when he saw his moment to try and get it around her neck so he could escort her to safety. When he reaches over to her, you can tell that she knows she is in safe hands but either way, she is still in bad condition and she is going to need a lot of care if she ever wants to have a loving home.

Who knows how dogs end up on the street like this and who knows how they manage to survive but either way, this dog is safe and sound.

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