Farmer Has His Life Destroyed By Investors, Watch How He Turns the Tables!

This guy has created his own economically friendly irrigation system which helps farmers to conserve water. In order to get his investment off the ground, he needed a little start up money, so he went to the Shark Tank for help. He proposed 20% of his company for $150,000, but when the first shark asked him to sell his products for a much higher price, he stood his ground because he wanted to give fair pricing to all of the farmers across America.

That’s when something great happened. Another shark offered him exactly what he needed, and he only asked him to raise his prices by $1 or $2. This would allow Johnny to make a profit, as well as the shark, while also maintaining affordable prices for farmers across America. This video is truly an inspiration, and the Shark Tank needs more people like Johnny in their lives.

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