45+ Years Ago He Wrote THIS Song… When He Tries To Sing It? Everyone Is Crying!

This video shows Simon & Garfunkel singing Bridge over Troubled Water. The show is at Madison Square Garden in New York and it couldn’t sound any better. Even though it has been over 45 years, it still sounds as good and you can tell how anticipated the crowd is just waiting to hear the next part of the song. The crowd start to cheer when the other singer starts singing his part and you can tell how much effort they are putting into this.

Wow, this is most certainly a video that you need to see and they are both incredible singers. It doesn’t matter whether you have heard this song before or whether this is your very first time, it is a real classic and it just goes to show that sometimes musicians get better with age! Give it a watch for yourself, you will not regret it.

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