He Embarrasses Him During the Audition. Seconds Later, He’s Eating His Words

Simon Cowell humiliates this 12 year old buy during his audition of Amy Winehouse. He stops him from singing just as he was about to get to the chorus, and it all comes crashing down for him. Simon asks him to sing a different song, but when he started to sing, the whole audience, including Simon, was blown away. This kid really can sing and he has his mother cheering for him backstage as well.

What an incredible singer, you can see Simon’s jaw drop halfway through and you can even see some of the audience members crying as well. This kid is truly talented and it just shows that a little dedication really can go a long way. Watch the video and see for yourself, this one is not to be missed. Who knows where he’d be if he didn’t change songs, but either way, his true talent came through at the end.

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