This Skateboarder Is Going At 70MPH Down Colorado Hill. You Won’t Believe This.

This long boarder has a thirst for adventure and you can see that just by watching this video. He wanted to go as fast as he could on his long board and that is why he decided to go down Colorado Hill at over 70mph. This is well and truly incredible and it just goes to show that sometimes you just need to get out there and do what you want to do! Wow what a great video and what a great guy, the footage is nothing short of amazing and it is crazy to think how they managed to capture all of this on camera.

Why don’t you watch the footage for yourself today. You can just tell how fast he is going and his level of control is astonishing. Even the best skateboarders in the world might not be able to do what this guy has done, so that just goes to show how much practice this must have took.

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