She Heats Up Skittles In This Pot. What She Does Next Had My Mouth Watering

All you need for this is some cake, milk, skittles, icing sugar and butter. She brings a pan to the boil and adds her skittles and water. The skittles start to break down and that is when the magic begins. Shortly after, she gets her cake, pokes some holes in it and she pours liquid skittles right into the center. She adds the colored butter cream and it couldn’t look more awesome. The colors really come together and this is a great cake for any occasion.

She even adds skittle butter cream on the top, finishing the cake with bright and vibrant colors. What an incredible video, this one is a must watch and the end result is truly amazing. You can make the icing any color you want, and all it takes is a few skittles to really bring the magic.

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