She Told Her Dog To Bark Quieter. How He Responded Made Me Giggle

This dog likes to bark, but the owner wants him to bark a little quieter. The dog starts by barking loud, but the owner asks him to bark softer and he does actually bark softer! Most people would think that this is a coincidence, but when she asks him to bark even softer, that is when the real comedy starts. The dog complies and lets out quite a soft bark, but then she asks him to go one step further and the result is hilarious.

The dog lets out a quiet muffle and you can hear the people laughing hysterically in the background. This dog is really talented and he clearly understands his owner’s every command. You can see it all, from start to finish in this great video, and the dog is obviously talented and very well trained. Watch the video and see for yourself.

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