For 12 Years, She Hugged Soldiers At The Airport. Watch How They Pay Her Back!

In every community you’ll find those special individuals who are completely selfless when it comes to their own needs. Instead, they only care about the happiness of those around them, and this woman is a prime example of that. She is 83 years old and she is most commonly known by her nickname as being the “Hug Lady”. She continually travels to the airbase, Fort Hood and she pays her respects to every single troop before they go out for service.


She has been doing all of this since 2003 and it has a huge impact on the troops in general. It gives them that final feel of compassion before they leave and in some instances, it could be the last time they could ever come home as well.


She has given out over half a million hugs, but one day, she wasn’t there. She has had a personal battle with breast cancer and she was admitted to hospital that day.

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The troops knew that her being not there meant that something was wrong and when they found out that she was suffering they decided to do something incredible for her.

They all went to the hospital and they gave her a hug in her time of need. She couldn’t be happier and some people have also agreed to start up a GoFundMe page and this will help to cover all of her medical expenses. So far they have helped to raise over $80,000 and this could potentially save her life. Why don’t you see for yourself what this kind woman has done for this soldiers over the last decade and see the amount of compassion that she has to offer for yourself.


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