An Autistic Child Reached Out To Him. When He Does This, The Mom Is Blown Away

This little girl is autistic, and she was on a plane with her mother. She can’t sit still for very long, so when the mother and daughter boarded the plane, she really did expect the worst. A business man sat down next to them, and the mother fully expected him to tell her to control her child. What happened next however will blow you away.

He sat down and he put his business papers away. He started to play with the little girl and he even showed her some pictures of his dogs. This incredible story is just one example of how one act of kindness can go a long way and this man really did make this little girl’s day. She went on to have her most successful plane journey yet and it is all thanks to this very kind stranger. She put it on Facebook and it eventually reached him, and that was when the whole story finally came together.

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