It Was A Perfect Day. The Second This Happens, People Frantically Run Away

It started off as a perfect beach day but what happened next blew everyone’s mind. Hail started to rain so hard that you could see it splash in the water. People were still in the ocean when this happened, and everyone rushed to crowd under umbrellas just to stay safe. The hail looks to be pretty big and you can see how hard it is coming down

You can hear it bang on the roof and the overall effect is astonishing. What started off as a perfect beach day ended up in a horrifying storm of hail, and you can see people crowd under their beach blankets just so they don’t get hurt. This hail really does look painful and you can hear people screaming because they don’t know what is going on. Luckily someone caught it all on camera and it just goes to show how quickly the weather can change and what devastating effects it can have.

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