His Fried Chicken Is AMAZING But What Is His Secret Ingredient? Watch And See!

This video shows you how to make crunchy fried chicken and it really does look amazing. He uses a 1KG chicken for this and he uses flour and salt to season. After doing this he adds some black pepper, cayenne pepper, garlic powder, onion powder, mixed herbs and instant potato powder. After dipping them into the mix, he sets them to one side and coats them again.

After he turns them and cooks them in the cooking oil, he removes them onto the cooling rack. This makes sure that there isn’t any excess fat and it also helps to keep them nice and dry as well. This is one that you need to see because anyone can do this at home and the results are well and truly mouth watering. Watch this video, you won’t regret it and it really is so delicious!

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