He Flies A Camera Over A Beach. What He Got On Film Left Me Breathless

He flies this camera over Oahu’s North Shore in 4K resolution and the end result really is amazing. He captures everything, from whales swimming in the ocean to skateboarders and so much more. The scenery is truly phenomenal and it just goes to show how much beauty there is around us each and every day. This camera footage also shows surfers and cars driving over open roads. It couldn’t look more tranquil and how he managed to get these shots, we’ll never know.

What an amazing video, the quality is stunning and he managed to get some really good clips, including sunset views over the waves. This is a video that you need to see to believe and the quality of it is unreal. He must have a very high tech camera, because these shots are unbelievable. Wow. Take a look for yourself.

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