This Girl Tries To Pet A Gorilla. What Happens Next? I’m in Tears

This organization has been reintroducing gorillas back to the wild for years now. When two gorillas were released back into the wild however, they couldn’t find them anywhere. Then, as if it was a miracle, the two gorillas came out of the bushes and they were very happy to see their carers again. This is an incredible story and when they met again, it was like they were never apart.

The gorillas themselves were very healthy, but then he noticed one of the gorillas staring at one of the girls. What happened next- wow. The gorilla, after a few seconds, realised who she was and they embraced her like never before. When the second gorilla approached, they accepted her right away and this story just goes to show how much of  a bond animals can develop with the people who look after them. What an incredible story.

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