This Gatling Titanium Gun Fires Over 3,000 Rounds a Minute!

This gun is crafted from solid titanium and it can fire over 3,000 rounds a minute. That’s equivalent to 50 rounds every second and it is a truly phenomenal piece of weaponry. This video shows the weapon being fired and it also shows how powerful it is. Who knows what this weapon could be used for, but either way, this video just goes to show what man is capable of and this guy looks to be having some serious fun firing this one!

He shoots it from the air when he is riding in a helicopter and he fires it at open land so there is no risk involved. It doesn’t matter whether you are a fan of guns or not, but either way, this is one that you need to watch because it will blow you away. What an incredible piece of machinery and it is crazy to think how many rounds this gun can fire every minute.

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