You Will NOT Recognize: The Amazing Transformation Of The Abandoned Dog

She nearly died when she was found in a pile of trash, but good people saved her, took care of her – and now she is back to being a beautiful husky. Watch the exciting process:

Miley, before restoration (Photo by Eldad Hagar)

Until last year, Miley, a beautiful husky, was on the verge of death. She was sitting in a pile of garbage with a serious condition of mange, there was no sign between her and the dog she once was.

Eldad Hagar, who founded the voluntary organization “Hope for Paws”, is the one who discovered Miley and saved her. He came to her with a leash and food and waited an hour with her before taking her with him to his car. “We wanted this will be a positive experience for her” he said. “Then she just jumped into my car, she was so ready to be rescued.”

A first step toward a new life (Photo by Eldad Hagar)
Look at her now (Photo by Eldad Hagar)

A year later, Miley is a magnificent Husky full of energy. Her amazing transformation was documented step by step, as you can see in the YouTube video of the organization. “The dogs appreciate who saved them, they feel it,” said Hagar. “It’s just a special bond that was created between us during the rescue.” He added: “Many people don’t realise how exhausting it is to be a stray dog. You’re always on alert because you don’t know who is going to come behind you or who is going to attack you, or who is not going to be not kind to you.”

Miley was adopted four months after her rescue and today she is happy in her new home. “Many people see themselves in these dogs” Hagar said. “If a person is in that vulnerable place and they look at Miley and they see the transformation they can see there’s hope and things get better.”

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