No One Is Able To Ride On This Bike. The Reason Why Is FASCINATING!

This guy learned how to ride a bike from a very young age. He went to a welder, to find that his friend had modified a bicycle. The welder had turned the wheel of the bike so it is the opposite, so when you turn the handlebars left, it turns right and vice versa. The guy couldn’t ride the bike at all and every time he tried, he just fell off. This just goes to show that our brain doesn’t actually know how to ride a bike; it just remembers the actions required to do it.

This video really is interesting and it just goes to show that how a simple change can completely throw our control system. Watch the video and see it for yourself, it is incredible to think how a change like this can make you go from riding a bike normally to not being able to ride it at all.

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