He’s Wrapped In Bandages Like A Mummy. When I Saw Why, My Heart Sank

He dreamed of being a sports star, but he was born with a rare skin condition that is said to be one of the worst around. This brave little boy is an inspiration to us all. He says that the pain pushes him to his every limit, but it also pushes him past his limits as well, so that just goes to show how much pain he goes through on a daily basis. When something is pressed against his skin, he gets sores and when he drinks hot liquid he gets blisters inside his throat.

He has known this pain his entire life, and he can’t live a life like a normal child. He can’t play sports and he can’t join the gym, but he believes that it is in his DNA. Watch the video and see it for yourself, it is an incredible story and when his favorite team heard about his story, you won’t believe what happened.

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