If You Love Cars… You’ll Love This Ferrari Enzo

If you are a car lover, then chances are this will be the most magical video that you have ever seen. Watch as this Ferrari Enzo drifts through construction sites as well as speeding down an open stretch with grace and supersonic awesomeness. For those wondering why would you take a Ferrari Enzo through a construction site, the answer is simple, because it looks unbelievably awesome and after watching this video, you’ll want to be in the driver’s seat.

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The Ferrari Enzo is a must-see car for any car enthusiast. It has a roaring engine, not to mention that the soundtrack is incredibly fitting when you take into account the crisp engine overtones. All in all, you seriously need to watch the video to understand the beauty of the Ferrari Enzo.
Warning: Watching this video will make you want one yourself.

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