These Elephants Only Get Excited When They See Her. I’m Speechless

These elephants only get excited when they see this woman, the reason why will seriously put a smile on your face. More and more elephants are being slaughtered every year for their ivory and this leaves behind orphaned babies that need special care. That is exactly what this orphanage does. They take care of these babies like they were their own, and one of them really is a little miracle.

When they found this baby, they didn’t think that she would last the night, but the very next morning the baby was recovering and she made it through. These elephants really do understand the amount of work that their carers put in to ensure their safety, and it just goes to show how rewarding one good deed can be. This video is a must-watch and it is horrendous to think what would have happened to these babies if the orphanage wasn’t there to help them.

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