He’s Broken Because of His Poached Rhino, But I Now Believe In Miracles

This man found three rhinos in the wild, ripped and hacked apart by poachers. One of the rhinos was already dead, but two of them were still alive, but barely. They rescued them but the male rhino died some time later because he drowned in the water hole. He was too weak to lift himself back up. The female rhino went on to make a recovery, but only just. She kept on fighting and fighting, but that is when something incredible happened.

She gave birth to a baby and now the two of them roam in the wild under the watchful eye of their carers. This video is living proof that miracles can happen and that one good act always leads to another somewhere down the line. This is an inspirational story and it does have a somewhat happy ending for the female rhino and her baby.

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