6 Guys Confront Her While She Works. As Soon As She Turns Around, I Start Cheering

This video is all about a proposal, but it isn’t the proposal that you’d think. He asks a group of five men to accompany him as he visits his girlfriend at work. They all start singing, and he walks out in the middle of them with a small box. He pulls out a key and he asks her to move in with him. This video is incredible and it just goes to show what true love really is.

It was filmed in an effort to raise awareness for World Down Syndrome Day and it is a really emotional story. The two seem so happy together in their own home and now they finally have the independence that they have always dreamed of. What an incredible video and what an incredible couple. They couldn’t be happier and the way he gave her the key to his home really makes this video one to remember.

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