She Was Sleeping On the Floor Near His Home. What He Did For Her? Wow

This video tells the story of a 60 year old woman who is forced to sleep on the streets. She has nowhere to go and she has no home to call her own. So what did this man do? He decided to build her a home of her very own. Some people drove past and asked him how much he was going to charge in rent. He simply told them that he wasn’t going to charge rent at all, and he carried on building her a home.

He insulated it so it is warm in the winter and he put some strong wooden panels on it as well. The end result is truly amazing and it even comes with a lock so only she can access it. It comes with a sign that says home sweet home and she can’t wait to hang it up. What an incredible story and it just goes to show how one kind act can change someone’s life.

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