This Dog Was Locked Up Because She’s Vicious, But When She Gets Out I Was Astonished

This dog was kept in horrendous conditions. She hated human contact and she did not like people one bit. She had spent most of her time in captivity, not having anyone to socialise with and having very little contact with anyone. That was before she was rescued. Coconut then took a trip to the behavioral center for dogs, where she was taught how to get along with humans as well as how to behave when around other dogs.

The change was remarkable and it is hard to believe that it is the same dog. She has come an incredibly long way and she is now with her new family who love her so very much. You’re going to have to watch this video, because it will break your heart until the very end. What an incredible story, and it is hard to imagine what this dog went through before she finally found a loving home.

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