This Small Dog Was Carried off by a Coyote, but the Neighbor’s Rottweiler Came To The Rescue

This video shows the moment when a small dog was carried off by a coyote, the dog probably wouldn’t have stood a chance if this Rottweiler wasn’t there to help and it is amazing to think how he survived the ordeal. The coyote seemingly came out of nowhere and picked up the dog without a second thought. After a struggle, the neighbour’s dog stepped in and chased the coyote down, forcing it to drop the small dog in the chaos.

This is truly a sign of bravery and it is amazing to see animals with such a close bond. Who knows where the dog would be right now if it wasn’t for his rescuer and what’s even more amazing is that all of this was caught on camera. Why not watch it for yourself to see what happens next.

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