I’ve Heard This Song Before, But When Her Sister Joins In, I Got The CHILLS.

Tuva and Mia are certainly two talented young girls. This country song is very popular, but it is safe to say that nobody sings it like they can. One of the girls start to sing and the other one joins in shortly after, but when they sing together, it is in perfect harmony and words can’t describe how good they sound. They can add so much emotion to this song, and when they get into the studio, you can hear every last bit of it.

Watch this video, you won’t regret it and it just goes to show how talented they are. They deserve recognition for their performance and they aren’t just sisters, they are the best of friends. One of them is 11 years old and the other is 14, but together they can achieve just about anything. What an incredible duo, and the talent they have is beyond belief.

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