Two Twins Come Out as Gay to Their Father in This Touching Video

Aaron and Austin are two twins who live completely normal lives. They go to college, they meet friends, stay up late and do things that any other normal teenagers would. So what is different about Aaron and Austin, and what made them create this touching video? The answer is simple. Aaron and Austin are both gay, but they are yet to come out to their father. In this touching video, you will see them both tell their father about their sexuality, but through the tears and worry, there is a touching message underneath it all.

Aaron and Austin made this video in hopes that others would come out to their parents instead of living a life of secrecy, and they really do serve as an inspiration to everyone out there who is afraid to tell the truth. Watch the video and see for yourself how two twins plucked up the courage to tell their father the truth in this tear jerking video.

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