It Looks Like A Normal Drawing, But When It’s Zoomed in It’s Mind Blowing

Paul has severe cerebral palsy and it prevents him from moving properly. He can’t use a paint brush, a pen or anything else of the sort. So how does he create such amazing art? The answer is simple. He uses a typewriter. He only uses a certain amount of keys to create his masterpieces, but you can see how talented he is. In fact, when the drawing is zoomed out, you can’t even tell that a typewriter has been used to create the drawing. This is an incredible story of a man who refused to give up, and his art is nothing short of mind blowing.

Using one button at a time, he continues to show his art to the world and some of the pictures that he has created are truly phenomenal. Watch the video and see it for yourself, this is an incredible story.

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