This Gentleman Gets Told That His Accent Is ‘Offensive.’ His Response? PERFECT

This man has just received a message stating that his southern accent is offensive, and now he is here to tell everyone how it is. He starts by telling the commenter that he grew up in the Georgia before he moved to Texas, which explains his strong southern accent. He then goes onto say that he may refer to women as sweetheart and darling, but that is far better than referring to women in derogatory terms, and in fact, a lot of women like being called darling and sweetheart so there really isn’t anything wrong with it.

This rant is a clear example of how even though we may be different and from different places, we need to learn to respect each other and it is safe to say that this guy knows that more than anyone. His rant is very eye opening and it is a brilliant video so why not watch it for yourself today to see what he says and list your opinions in the comment box below.

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