Ventriloquist Really Does Pull Out All The Stops, Leaving Everyone’s Mind Blown!

This video was taken at Radio City and it shows a ventriloquist and his puppet. He has all of the judges laughing and his talent is nothing short of unbelievable. In the middle of the video, the ventriloquist walks off and somehow the puppet manages to continue talking! This defies the laws of ventriloquism and he really does have the audience in fits of laughter. When the puppet sees the owner come back, he stops talking altogether and this brilliant act is one of a kind.

You need to see this one if you want to believe it and it really is a great video. America’s Got Talent is a great show that is filled with unique acts, but this one blew everyone away. Who knows how he managed to do this and who knows how he came up with the idea, but either way, it is brilliant.

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