Veteran asked her to by his dogs back from the animal shelter. Her reaction? It’s going VIRAL.

This is an incredible story and it is one that you don’t want to miss.  In fact, it may even be difficult for you to get through the entire video without crying, but you can certainly try! This story is about a veteran from Delaware who had a heart attack in September, 2015. After this, he required a hospital stay and that mean that he couldn’t care for his dogs, which were named Blaze and Bailey. The First State Centre for animals stepped in and so did the SPCA. This is a shelter that can be found inside a PetSmart store and they volunteered their services to the veteran. They were to look after the dogs until he got out of hospital and back on his feet again, but after a couple of weeks, the owner was still too ill to care for them. They had no choice but to put the dogs up for adoption, but then something incredible happened. When the owner came out of hospital, for some reason, Blaze and Bailey were still sitting there, at the shelter.

He went to the shelter to get his dogs back but he knew that he needed a couple of days to get things together. He needed to gather up some money so he could pay the adoption fee, which was $250 and he also needed to make sure that he had everything sorted for them to come home. The veteran had no idea what was going to happen next, and the footage from the scene has gone viral.

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He went to the shelter to visit and he knew that time was ticking. His affectionate, playful, loving dogs were soon going to be in someone else’s hands and it was only a matter of time before someone else went to pick them up. After all, who could resist these two pups? The veteran was worried sick, and he knew that the odds were stacked against him.

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After a couple of days, someone at PetSmart decided to tell the owner that his dogs could go home with him after all and that he didn’t need to come up with any money, what so ever.

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So what happened? It turns out that an employee at PetSmart was so happy to see the man reunited with his dogs that she did something beyond words. The night before he came to visit, she gathered some volunteers and everyone paid for him to get his dogs back. They also paid for some food and plenty of treats for them, and the veteran couldn’t quite believe what was happening.

Facebook / Lindsay Marie
Facebook / Lindsay Marie

He couldn’t believe this kind act that they did for him and strangers from all around are now paying for his gas, his food and everything else. He now has his family back and it’s safe to say that we have had our faith in humanity restored.

Heres the video to the story!

Posted by Lindsay Marie on Thursday, December 17, 2015

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