Keep an Eye on Your Mailbox – If You Get A Check From Walmart, This Is What It Means

All we can say is that thank goodness someone has explained this so nobody else falls a victim to this scam.


This scam comes in the form of a normal letter, which looks like it is from Walmart. Inside the letter is a check and some information about you getting a position within the company for “quality control”. If you accept this position then you will need to deposit the check and then you will, apparently, get some instructions on how to activate your offer. The problem is that when this check has been deposited, thieves will then get access to your account and they can then take everything.


Nobody needs to fall for this scam so you need to tell all of your friends and family about it as soon as you can. Let’s stop this once and for all. Have a good holiday season guys, and don’t let anyone else become a victim to this.

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