She Sucked It In. When She Looked up, I’m Absolutely Mesmerized

These three are absolutely amazing. One guy is playing guitar in the back of the car while the two in the front handle the singing. She is a really talented singer and car journeys with these guys would certainly never be boring. They do a mash-up between Jason Derulo and Cheap Trick and the end result is incredible. Both of them are awesome singers and the guy in the back seems to be having a great time as well. What an awesome song they have recorded and it just goes to show that long car journeys don’t need to be endless and boring.

Watch this video and see it all for yourself, it will make you want to create a car video of your own and they are a talented bunch. This video was done in honor of their one year anniversary, as it has been a full year since their last video so it really is something special.

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