He Cuts Up This Watermelon In A Genius Way. I’m Doing This From Now On!

This guy starts by cutting a watermelon into slices. He doesn’t stop there though! He carries on cutting the watermelon up and by the end it is in full cubes. When you watch the video, you may be thinking, what is he doing? But by the end, you will completely understand and you may even want to try this one out for yourself. The end result is truly fantastic and there is a high chance that you will never go back to your standard watermelon cutting again!

This technique is so easy and all you need to do is pick up a cube and you have a full stick of watermelon. This is great for parties and family gatherings and it really is so easy. It is virtually no mess and you don’t need to worry about biting into a full piece of melon slice either. What a great technique!

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