He Drilled Into A Watermelon… When You See Why, You Will Totally Want To Do This

This guy wants to show you a great trick, and all you need is a watermelon, a coat hanger and a drill. He starts by cutting a hole in the watermelon, before shaping the coat hanger so it fits into the drill opening. He then turns on the drill and he whisks up the inside of the melon, making it into a smoothie without even cutting it into pieces. This video really is great and it is no mess either. You could do this at your family BBQ or you could even do this with your kids at the weekend, either way, it is a really great trick and it is so easy to do as well.

Why not try this for yourself and see what you can come up with, you can draw a face on your melon and you can also create a spout as well so you can pour it out easier than ever.

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