He Coats His Carpet With WD-40. Why? I Have To Try It ASAP!

This guy is going to show you how to remove stains by using WD-40. He starts by spraying the liquid onto the stain, before leaving it for a couple of seconds. He then scrubs it with a cloth, and the results are really outstanding. You need to rub it for around 30 seconds, but this method is better than any carpet cleaning solution out there. Who knows how many stains this method could remove and it could even work on red wine stains as well.

After watching this video, you will never need to hire a carpet cleaner again, so it just goes to show that sometimes having a simple solution is far better than having an expensive solution from your local store. Watch the video and see for yourself, you really will not believe how good this is. What an incredible video! How simple is that!

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