He Finds a Wallet and Goes Shopping, But Then The Owner Confronts Him!

This guy drops his wallet several times to see if people will give it him back. He drops it in the middle of a busy street but when this guy saw it, he picked it up and took it to the side of the road. He then started to call his friend before going on a huge shopping trip. The guy behind the camera saw him using what looked like his card for it all, and that is when he started to follow him.

He followed him for three hours but when he was about to confront him, he saw him going up to his door step. The guy was going to return the wallet to him, but he confronted him anyway to ask him why he had used his lost credit card to buy the items. It turns out that he didn’t use his lost credit card at all, and in fact, he had his very own credit card, but if you want to see the end, you really do need to watch this.

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