What Happens When You Accidently Harass Your Mum in the Streets?

7 out of 10 women are sexually harassed on the streets of Peru every year. Sexual assault is a real problem, so this woman decided to do something about it. She decided to find sexual offenders, shocking them and finding them out so they would change the error of their ways. How did she do this? In the most inventive way possible- she decided to dress up their mums in alluring clothing, before asking them to simply walk down the street.

The results were truly shocking. The men actually ended up abusing their own mothers without even realising it, and the mothers certainly didn’t hold back when they found out what their sons were up to on the streets. With 10 million people getting sexually harassed in Peru every year, this video is a real eye opener and by spreading awareness, we can then help to put a stop to sexual harassment in Peru.

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