Woman Dies In Head-On Crash After Posting to Facebook While Driving

Police took a call about a head-on collision just minutes after a 32 year old woman from North Carolina posted to her Facebook. The post stated how happy she was when listening to the song “Happy” by Pharrell Williams. She also uploaded some selfies, and the post read:

“The happy song makes me HAPPY.”

Literally seconds after she posted it to her Facebook, her vehicle hit a recycling truck.


Police have stated that her life was over in a matter of seconds, and that it was all because she could notify her friends that she was happy.


The truck hit a tree after the initial collision and spun off the side of the road. The woman’s car also left the road and set on fire shortly after.



Investigators have also stated that although the woman was wearing a seat belt, it wasn’t on properly. This is a very tragic accident and it serves as a reminder to us all of how we need to stay safe on the road. Please continue to share this message with family and friends, and always make sure that you stay safe while on the road.

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