Woman Who Brutally Threw A Puppy Out Of Her Car Window Has Been Jailed

Alsu Ivanchenko is 35 years old and she lives in New York. A year ago, her 1lb Shi Tzu/Maltese puppy was diagnosed with a broken leg at the vet. According to the report, the woman refused to treat her dog and therefore decided to stuff her into a trash bag before she threw her away with the trash. This puppy was only 3 months old and she became critically ill when she was flung out of a window over a year ago. This brutal act has given her brain damage and it has also cracked her skull. During the court session, the woman was so absorbed in her own selfishness that she refused to acknowledge the fact that she had done anything wrong, and on top of this, she also failed to apologize.



Before the sentence was announced she was asked if she had anything to say but all she did was shake her head. She abandoned her dog in a shopping bag and she left her by the railroad.


According to the woman, she was unable to treat the dog when it was diagnosed because of the cost and she also told the officers that she had no choice but to do what she did.


It was later revealed that she would get a replacement dog. Thanks to the people who found her, there have been plenty of complaints. She had bloodied eyes, brain trauma and two fractures in her skull.


Because this puppy had such severe injuries, the vets originally recommended euthanasia but there were plenty of people who decided against this and they wanted to give this puppy a better chance of life. The people around her have been very diligent in their approach to the puppy and she is now with a kind and loving home. The woman is serving a yearlong jail term and she isn’t allowed to own a pet for the next 15 years. She also needs to register with the animal abuse registry for 5 years and she is going to face a fine of $21,795. Luckily this woman is getting what she deserves.

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